• Crying but not afraid

    They were strangers but they were just like me. They were Harry Potter fans, and one of them, a Slytherin just like me, is still in the ECU. They were part of the LGBT community or supporters, just like me. They were young people, some of them with plans for college next year, just like me. I passed my year studying history but even that sounds bitter because some of them will never be able to graduate their college studies. But more than that, they were human beings, for Christ's sake (quite literally). They were parents, brothers, sisters, children. And even if you thought they were alone in this world, they still have us, the major part of humanity is still mourning them.

    But don't get me wrong. Yes I am mourning but no I am not afraid. Even after the attacks in Paris, even after the attacks in Orlando. Even if the people targeted are gay people and metal heads just like me. I am not afraid. I am not afraid because that is all they want and after all they have taken from us I'm not leaving them with my fear to rejoice on. I'm saying come on friends, because we are stronger than them. And even with all the dickheads out there saying that I'm nothing but a dyke, that I shouldn't have the right to get married, or even exist, we are still, they are still more of us and we are still stronger than them. And I am not afraid.

    So yes, I will change the dates of my birthday party so I'll be able to join the Gay Pride this year, and to show them that I am not afraid. For all the people still protesting against our rights, for all the people who died this week end and all the nameless people who died before that. To show that they were just like me but still, I am not afraid.

    Crying but not afraid


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    Jeudi 30 Juin 2016 à 18:15

    We're not afraid.

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